LP Consulting has been serving the Atlantic Provinces for 20 years in the areas of nutrient, soil, manure and waste management, land reclamation, crop production, education and training, research and environmental risk management. LP Consulting has strong working relationships with agriculture, industry, engineering, research, and academic communities.

Lise LeBlanc B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., P.Ag., CNMP

Ms. LeBlanc is a Professional Agrologist who started her career with the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture. She stayed with Agriculture for 10 years, building her agricultural background before moving on to start her own company, LP Consulting. She has gone on to diversify and expand her expertise over the past 20 years by working with the agricultural, forestry, private and industrial sectors. 

Lise LeBlanc has assisted in developing guidelines for Land Application of Biosolids and other Non-Agriculture organic waste (NAOW) with the Nova Scotia Departments of Agriculture and Environment. She has been providing the science and technical knowledge for N-Viro Systems Canada in Ontario and Nova Scotia. This also includes marketing publications and public education programs. N-Viro manufactures a biosolid soil amendment that has a Canadian Food Inspection (CFIA) label.

Lise has developed programs that incorporate manures, wood ash, paper mill sludge, biosolids, digestate, rendering plant effluents and off-shore drilling wastes for land applications, soil blending and land reclamation.

Misty Croney B.Sc., P.Ag., CNMP

Misty joined LP Consulting as a Professional Agrologist in 2008.  She was raised on a successful beef farm in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and has worked on numerous beef and dairy farms in the province.  

Misty is a certified nutrient management planner and has been completing nutrient management plans for farmers throughout the Maritimes since she joined LP Consulting. Misty also has experience in the organic sector with organic practices, regulations and permitted substances, and can assist in choosing inputs for the farm.  

As well as working behind the scenes with Lise on projects requiring research and data collection, she also organizes and oversees the wood ash program in 4 different locations, coordinating multiple companies, truckers and farmers.   

When contacting the office, she is who you'll likely be speaking with.